The Wave 2x12 OS cabinet contains specs and output to match most 4x12 cabs.

Rocky Point, NC (January 30, 2008) -- Another solid addition was added to Port City Amps’ arsenal of Wave cabinets. Their newest creation, 2x12 Wave OS, dwarfs the regular 2x12 Wave and is ideal for anyone who loves the sound of oversized cabinets. It’s made of 13 ply, void-free Baltic birch and comes with the option of custom black or small cane grillcloth as a speaker baffle.

The 2x12 Wave OS cab measures 30" x 24" x 11.7", yet the design of Port City’s 2x12 OS provides players with a dynamic response with surprising amounts of volume and range. A unique feature of the cabinet is the 45 degree angle deflecting rear panel that was placed to reduce "lost" sound from resonating within the cab.

The tone produced from the Wave cabinet is smooth, even, focused and clear. With its slick design, the 2x12 OS Wave cabinet can match most 4x12 cabinets in its depth and projection.

The cabinet is available unloaded (MSRP $525) or loaded (MSRP $725) with either Celestion Vintage 30, Celestion Greenback G12, or Celestion Heritage G12H (at extra cost).

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