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Premier Builders Guild Acquires Two-Rock Amplifiers

Two-Rock will continue operations as normal while under the Premier Builders Guild banner

Pittsburgh, PA (November 24, 2010) - Premier Builders Guild* has announced it has acquired the Two Rock amplifier brand. Today, PBG founder Michael Bernstein told Premier Guitar that Two Rock amplifier production will continue on as usual and that the acquisition is a tremendous opportunity for Two Rock’s Bill Krinard to continue to design new products. “What’s important to us is that we’re trying to bring best-in-class builders under one roof,” Bernstein said, referencing the other boutique luthiers and amp makers who are currently a part of PBG. “We want to bring these builders and these products to an appreciative audience. It’s a compelling suite of products and builders.”

The following is from today’s press release:
Two-Rock makes a full line of hand built amplifiers, including signature models for John Mayer, Eric Gales and Steve Kimock. Long recognized for its higher power, full-featured amps, the brand recently launched the Studio Pro, a 40W, small chassis “portable” classic reverb/custom clean hybrid that delivers clean headroom, dynamics and a variety of tone shaping options.

“The addition of Two-Rock brings Premier Builders Guild significantly closer to our goal of serving as a single-source boutique instrument solution for specialty retailers and their customers,” said PBG founder Michael Bernstein. “It brings a second leading boutique amplifier brand into the PBG brand portfolio and family.”

Two-Rock amps will continue to be hand built at the brand’s Rohnert Park, CA workshop. Co-founder and Chief Designer Bill Krinard will continue to focus on new product design and development; co-founder Joe Mloganoski will ensure a seamless transition into the PBG family; and veteran Operations Manager Mac Skinner will serve as general manager, reporting to PBG president Howard Swimmer.

“We’re proud to be part of Premier Builders Guild,” said Bill Krinard. “I have many new amp designs that are in the planning stages, including designs like the Studio Pro that will help us to round out the Two-Rock line. PBG’s sales, marketing and dealer service infrastructure will enable me to more easily bring my design ideas to fruition.”

PBG president Howard Swimmer emphasized the mutually reinforcing nature of the relationship. “An unusually high number of artists who try a Two-Rock amp seem to make it their amp for life, which is why we were so interested in the brand,” said Swimmer. “At the same time we see an opportunity, through effective marketing and dealer support programs, to increase Two-Rock’s visibility while maintaining its exclusivity.”
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*Premier Builder’s Guild and Premier Guitar share similar names but are separately owned and operated.