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Welcome to the evolution of Premier Guitar. You are now reading the very first installment of a guitar publication that is dedicated to cutting through the crap and discovering better

Welcome to the evolution of Premier Guitar. You are now reading the very first installment of a guitar publication that is dedicated to cutting through the crap and discovering better tone. Just as our new tagline implies, the journey and the pursuit of tone are relentless. We all know that, but what many of us don’t know is how to get it and where to find it. Can we provide you with all the answers to unlocking the holy grail of tone? Probably not. Can Premier Guitar be the Cadillac of tour guides for the pursuit? Damn straight we can! How are we going to do it? Allow me to explain.

Your tone is achieved through a two-fold process. The starting point is in your hands. Premier Guitar will assist you in evolving as a better player, utilizing more creative tone-sensitive techniques, introducing you to fundamental and challenging interactive learning tools that will extend far above and beyond our print publication. The Premier Guitar “Education Center” will expand your horizons through a series of lessons and instructional columns from the industry’s most respected players. Where else can you learn first-hand from tone masters like Peter Stroud, Johnny Hiland, Toshi Iseda, Jeff Beasley, Denis Taaffe, Jeff Scheetz, and many others?

And soon, our education center will be supported by an entire host of interactive multimedia tools, exclusively available at These services include cutting edge interactive industry video, audio tone chambers that are the real deal, interactive discussion forums for “your” views on tone and a place to post your original music and interact with other tone chasers. More than a website, will be a community, a community of obsessed deranged tone freaks, just like you and me.

The second stage of achieving better tone is to be kept informed on the gear that can help get you there. We’re talking about the latest and greatest higher-end luthiers, amp and pedal builders, and high-end accessories that will motivate and inspire you to tone up and throw down. No other publication will introduce you to more hip gear to improve your tone than Premier Guitar.

There’s also Gear Search, for discriminating gearheads only, with over 10,000 of the finest guitars, amps, pedals, parts and accessories from nearly 150 of the world’s top dealers and retailers. You’re sure to find gear that will keep your tone quest going.

Premier Guitar is also honored to be the Presenting Sponsors again this year to the world’s largest guitar celebration: the 30th Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival, April 20-22, at Dallas Market Hall. It’s a celebration, Texas-style, and boy do we have a premier plan for the worlds oldest and largest guitar show. Check it out at

2007 will bring an expanded forum of the industry’s most comprehensive product reviews, technical columns, investment advice, builder profiles and up to date industry news and information. There will be plenty of web exclusives to get you far beyond your wildest tone ambitions. As part of our expanding multimedia services, as well as our continued support and commitment to industry events, Premier Guitar shows will showcase a fully expanded community of industry shows, events and festivals. Stay tuned.

In closing, we truly appreciate your continued support as we raise the bar from Musicians Hotline to Premier Guitar. It really is all about tone, the relentless pursuit of tone.


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