Premier Guitar and various strings, picks, and accessory manufacturers are giving away over 60 prize packages of assorted items during the 2012 "May Days Daily Giveaways" promotion throughout the month

Premier Guitar and various strings, picks, and accessory manufacturers are giving away over 60 prize packages of assorted items during the 2012 "May Days Daily Giveaways" promotion throughout the month of May on! Check out the interactive calendar below to see participating manufacturers and their respective giveaway dates. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back regularly to keep tabs on May Days and to see who the winners are. With the summer gigging season rapidly approaching, here's your chance to score some essential items for the road.

Winners will be notified by email the morning following that respective giveaway. The winners list can be found below the calendar and will be updated each day following a giveaway.
This contest is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada.

Good Luck!

*Click below on the current giveaway day to enter for your chance to win (Calendar updates between 9:00 am and 10:00 am daily).

Congrats to our May Days Winners:
Day #1 - Shubb (Five winners):
Dave Morales of Bellingham, WA; Scott Moodie of Plover, WI; Colin McDonough of South Plainfield, NJ; Scotty Shipps of Topeka, KS; and Greg Canady of Savannah, GA
Day #2 - Pic Stik (Two winners):
Brad Gordon of Memphis, TN and Ronnie Schwartz of Oakland, CA
Day#3 - Korg (Six Winners): Thomas Loiselle of Cumberland, RI; Bob Stone of Poway, CA; Matthew Lewin of Miami, FL; Nicholas Salerno of Grayslake, IL; David Kincannon of Littleton, CO; and Iggy Makarevich of Cos Cob, CT
Day #4 - Martin (Five Winners): Andy Hervas of Stoney Creek, Ontario; Elizabeth Myers of Carlisle, PA; Benjamin Otto of Boonsboro, MD; David Harvey of Delaware, OH; and William Mramor of Cincinnati, OH
Day#5 - Elixir Strings (Five Winners): Floyd Wester of Springwater, NY; Luis Tijerina of Edinburg, TX; Michael Fransko of Seaford, NY; Matt Beukema of Zeeland, MI; and Kirby Grubb of Logan, OH
Day#6 - Boulder Creek (One Winner): Derek Sasaki of Brentwood, TN
Day#7 - Divine Noise (One Winner): Peter Trott of Hillsboro, OR
Day #8 - D'Addario/ Planet Waves (One Winner): Kurt Becker of Logan, UT
Day#9 - Aurora Strings (Four Winners): Victor Dyck of Winnipeg, MB; Maxwell Freedlund of Sharon, MA; Gabriel Dominguez of Phoenix, AZ; and Marcdavid Cohn of Columbus, OH
Day#10 - Dunlop (One Winner): Corey Shiposh of Ulster, PA
Day#11 - AXL Guitars (Four Winners): Tony Van of Westminster, CA; Richard Hatton of Norway, IA; Philip Appleby of Rego Park, NY; Aaron Macpherson of Pasadena, MD
Day#12 - LaBella Strings (Four Winners): Parnell Fredrickson of Hayward, WI; Chrisstian Arial of Salt Lake City, UT; Daniel Labrador of Atlanta, GA; and Brian Merkle of Amherst, NY
Day #13 - Rotosound (Six Winners): Alejandro Aldana of Sunnyside, NY; Robert Cort of North Brunswick, NJ:Charles Spenella of Vinton, VA; Karl Thurmond of Tacoma, WA; Michael Heidkamp of Berkley, CA; Ralph Bizokas of Braintree, MA
Day#14 - DR Strings (One Winner): Victor Villasenor of Long Beach, CA
Day #15 - D'Addario/Planet Waves (One Winner): David Kamayor of Norcross, GA
Day#16 - Graph Tech (Six Winners): Alejandro Aldana of Sunnyside, NY; Michael Heidkamp of Berkley, Ca; Chad Wicks of Peoria, AZ; Karl Thurmond of Tacoma, WA; Jack Swanson of Millinocket, ME; and Glen Eckhart of Nanticoke, PA
Day #17 - Fender (Two Winners): Carlo Barbara of San Diego, CA and Kent Bernhagen of Omaha, NE
Day #18 - Electro-Harmonix (One Winner): Jonathon Light of Brooklyn, NY
Day #19 - Peterson Tuners (One Winner): Robert Atcher of Los Alamos, NM
Day #20 - Lava Cables (One Winner): Andrew Schatz of Charlotte, NC
Day#21 - Hosa Cables (Three Winners): Kevin Beebe of Clinton, IL: Andy Kauppinen of Duluth, MN; and Ellen Byers of Whitefield, NH
Day #22 - Ernie Ball (One Winner): Michael Hennessey of Cincinnati, OH
Day #23 - String Swing (One Winner): Ken Hoeg of Piscataway, NJ
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