Over 1900 Guitarists Take World Record In Poland from Polskie Radio 1951 guitar players gathered on May 1 at the Wroclaw market square (Southern Poland) to simultaneously play "Hey

2008 Thanks Jimi Festival

Over 1900 Guitarists Take World Record In Poland

from Polskie Radio

1951 guitar players gathered on May 1 at the Wroclaw market square (Southern Poland) to simultaneously play "Hey Joe" at the 6th annual "Thanks Jimi Festival." The group broke their own record, set last year with 1881 players. Despite taking place in Poland, the event consisted of pluckers from around the world.

Outside of setting a world record,the organizers also wanted to make May 1st "World Guitar Day," setting up potential record breaking moments in the future. Click here for both the article and related radio piece. If you would prefer to see it first-hand, watch the YouTube video.
Picture taken from Cichonski.art.

Big Foot Guitar

Sasquatch Guitar

from Slippery Brick

Big Foot has been spotted in relation to George Marlin. The guitar marker created this monster piece just before the Miami Beach Guitar Festival. When considering a legendary musician with mystique, Big Foot definitely squashes the competition.
Christian Mirabella with guitars

In High Demand: Christian Mirabella

from the New York Times

You have to be making a pretty big splash in whatever you do to make the pages of the New York Times, especially when working in a trade like building archtops. Christan Mirabella demanded attention of Times writers in a few ways: he has a two-year wait list on his $6000 instruments, he reconstructed a Pete Townshend guitar recovered by fans after being tossed from a window seven stories above ground and he made a pickguard for one of Keith Richard''s guitars. Not too shabby for a 36-year-old.
Rig Rundown: Adam Shoenfeld

Whether in the studio or on solo gigs, the Nashville session-guitar star holds a lotta cards, with guitars and amps for everything he’s dealt.

Adam Shoenfeld has helped shape the tone of modern country guitar. How? Well, the Nashville-based session star, producer, and frontman has played on hundreds of albums and 45 No. 1 country hits, starting with Jason Aldean’s “Hicktown,” since 2005. Plus, he’s found time for several bands of his own as well as the first studio album under his own name, All the Birds Sing, which drops January 28.

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Diatonic sequences are powerful tools. Here’s how to use them wisely.



• Understand how to map out the neck in seven positions.
• Learn to combine legato and picking to create long phrases.
• Develop a smooth attack—even at high speeds.

{u'media': u'[rebelmouse-document-pdf 13574 site_id=20368559 original_filename="7Shred-Jan22.pdf"]', u'file_original_url': u'https://roar-assets-auto.rbl.ms/documents/13574/7Shred-Jan22.pdf', u'type': u'pdf', u'id': 13574, u'media_html': u'7Shred-Jan22.pdf'}
Knowing how to function in different keys is crucial to improvising in any context. One path to fretboard mastery is learning how to move through positions across the neck. Even something as simple as a three-note-per-string major scale can offer loads of options when it’s time to step up and rip. I’m going to outline seven technical sequences, each one focusing on a position of a diatonic major scale. This should provide a fun workout for the fingers and hopefully inspire a few licks of your own.
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