Tonerider is making the Pure Vintage (TRS1) Pickup for lefties

LH Tonerider Pure Vintage PickupShanghai, China (April 16, 2008) -- Tonerider''s best-selling Pure Vintage (TRS1) will soon be available in a left-handed version. The production has already started, though the line will not be available in dealer stores or distributors until May 15.

If you are a left-handed guitarist, finding high-quality pickups with left-handed magnet staggers is difficult. The Pure Vintage LH goes further than just switching around the pole piece lengths. The new pickup allows full performance capability that cannot be achieved by placing a right-handed pickup in a left-handed guitar.

Andrew Cunningham, one of Tonerider''s founders and its chief pickup designer explains: "It''s necessary for us to introduce ''lefty'' models because we aren''t just putting different length pole pieces into the pickup and calling it a ''stagger.'' Across the range of positions (neck, mid and bridge), Tonerider magnets might be charged stronger in the bass position and demagnetized slightly in the treble position, and, in the case of the bridge pickup, use a mix of two different Alnico grades. Simply put, only with a full ''Lefty'' can you get 100 percent performance of the design into your tone."

The Pure Vintage is a vintage-improved Alnico pickup series for Strat-type guitars. The pickups are often used for their classic vintage Strat tones, clarity and a less harsh, full-sounding bridge pickup. The series has a DC Resistance of 5.75k (neck), 6.1k (mid) and 6.4k (bridge), and is RWRP for hum-canceling in notch positions. The list price is $135 US dollars per set.

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