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Saga Introduces New Line of Gladiator Guitars

The new line of guitars is inspired by designs from the ''50s and ''60s.

San Francisco, CA (May 24, 2010) -- Combining modern technology and production techniques with a reverence for the classic designs of the '50s and '60s, Saga re-introduces their line of Gladiator electric guitars.

Features include slim, fully-adjustable maple bolt-on necks with either a maple or rosewood fingerboards.  The body is finished in bright, custom colors of the classic era. The peghead has an original styling, with its beveled edge finished to match the body color. The guitar is available at three distinct levels: the Modern Series, the Vintage Modern Series, and the Vintage Series. The Modern Series has more contemporary specifications, such as sealed gear tuners and cast bridge saddles. The Vintage Modern Series has the same contemporary features as the Modern Series but with upgraded body materials. The Vintage Series has traditional features modeled directly after the originals from the '50s and '60s, like closed-back tuners, rolled bridge saddles, and choice tone woods.

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