1967 epiphone sheraton

This month's star, a 1967 Epiphone Sheraton E212T, slouches against an early Devon—the first Epi-branded amp built by Gibson. The 10" combo has just a volume dial, two 6V6 power tubes, a 5Y3 rectifier tube, and a 12AX7 driving the preamp.

This semi-hollow 1967 Sheraton embodies the "wow" in John Lee Hooker's "how, how, how, how"—and much more.

It might seem unlikely that one semi-hollowbody guitar would appeal to a list of players as wide ranging as John Lee Hooker, Noel Gallagher, and Mick Cripps of L.A. Guns, but the Epiphone Sheraton has done service in all six of those hands—and many, many more—since its introduction in 1958. This month, we're focusing on a classic, cherry-finish 1967 Epiphone Sheraton E212T.

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