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For his personal line, our columnist prefers these Ohio-built Waverly tuning machines, thanks to their light weight and unassuming footprint.

Unique, high-end guitar tuners and replacement parts offer new levels of customization for modern players.

In my previous installment of Acoustic Soundboard, I explored the significance of tuners, their replacement options, and the importance of preserving the authenticity of vintage guitars. I also delved into acceptable choices for both new and vintage guitars, as well as the considerations for custom boutique instruments. This time, let’s dig a bit deeper on boutique tuners and how to properly outfit a custom guitar.

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When you need sparkle, there’s no better place to turn than an acoustic 12-string.

Nothing quite compares to the warm, lush, chorus-y sound of strums and well-articulated arpeggios played on a 12-string acoustic guitar. Whether you’re trying to cut through the mix, fill out your collection, or take it to the stage, this list has something in every price range.

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Martin Guitars Factory Tour

Join John Bohlinger as he heads to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, to take an inside look at one of the oldest manufacturers in the acoustic guitar business.

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