amp modeling

Elizabeth Day's Kemper Profiler Stage on the job.

Modeling meets profiling in Kemper’s latest Liquid Profiling OS, and lures a busy session and studio player into a brave new world of sonic control.

Making the switch to a Kemper Profiler was a very personal decision for me, and so many factors went into it. In my earlier professional life, I considered myself a devout lover of tube amps and had invested in an extensive and well-built pedalboard featuring the effects I loved and trusted. I would bring a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe on trailer/bus tours, or fly with my pedalboard as checked luggage and backline different amps. For local shows, I’d lug my gear around and consider the venture a mixture of playing music and going to the gym.

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PG contributor Steve Cook shares his long and winding journey from tape-cassette-amp DIY-er to Line 6 Helix evangelist.

My first amplifier was a home-stereo cassette player and a ¼” Y adapter from RadioShack. The trick was that if you plugged your bass into the Y adapter, then plugged into the mic input on the cassette player, you could press record and pause at the same time and you would be able to hear your bass.

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