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Doubleday Guitars' Thrasher and Broadwing | PG Plays
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PG contributor Tom Butwin showcases Doubleday Guitars from Austin, Texas. Founded by Walker Doubleday, the company specializes in highly customizable, hand-built guitars with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. From the J-style Thrasher to the custom Broadwing, each guitar is designed to your specifications. Learn about their unique finishes, neck and body integration, and the blend of vintage and modern elements.

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Reader: Erik Sheppard

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Guitar: The Alumidoomer

Our featured reader designed this guitar with doom metal in mind, then farmed out the building of its components to various companies.

This project started out as a kind of “dream guitar” build, that would incorporate many of the things I wanted in a new guitar built for playing downtuned, doomy, stoner stuff: an offset body in glossy black, a single bridge-pickup configuration, and an aluminum neck.
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Watch the video for "More Than a Love Song" now. The Austin duo will release Chronicles of a Diamond out October 27.

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