bass pedals

Trickfish introduces new pedal line featuring VCA Compressor, Overdrive Preamp, External Preamp, and Signal Filter pedals. Designed and manufactured in the USA with high-quality components for top-tier sound quality.

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Tool's Justin Chancellor Rig Rundown Gear Tour
Rig Rundown: Tool's Justin Chancellor

The bass lord morphs and mutates between rhythm and lead parts with a hearty Wal 4-string, Gallien-Krueger crushers, and a pedalboard that could make Adam Jones jealous.

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Superb preamp and drive tones combine in a bass utility knife that’s built to last.

Versatile as preamp or overdrive. Built like a tank and feels indestructible. Quiet operation. Very easy to dial in sounds.

Slightly heavy. Could benefit from an XLR out.


Origin Effects Bass DCX


Origin Effects grabbed the attention of the bass community when they launched their Cali76 compressor, which is now widely acknowledged as an industry standard. Last year the company made another splash among bass players with the release of their BASSRIG Super Vintage and BASSRIG ’64 Black Panel pedals—recreating vintage tube bass tones with impressive accuracy. In a time when much of the musical instrument industry is going digital and embracing the potential of programmability and lighter, more compact products, Origin’s offerings remain stubbornly analog and vintage in look and feel. That’s certainly the case with the DCX Bass, a preamp that’s inspired by the legendary Universal Audio 610 recording console. Though some brave manufacturers admirably emulate the UA 610 in digital form, Origin didn’t seek to imitate the 610 down to the last detail. Instead, they used the 610 as a jumping-off point to create this preamp, EQ, and drive optimized for bass.

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