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Trickfish Introduces New Line of Pedals

Trickfish Introduces New Line of Pedals

Trickfish introduces new pedal line featuring VCA Compressor, Overdrive Preamp, External Preamp, and Signal Filter pedals. Designed and manufactured in the USA with high-quality components for top-tier sound quality.

These pedals are designed to embody Trickfish's commitment to delivering top-tier sound quality and dynamic musicality, providing smart and user-friendly tools to help bassists achieve their ideal sound on stage and in the studio. All of the Trickfish stompbox pedals feature a high-quality angled steel chassis, smooth taper knobs, top-mounted jacks, easy to read graphics and are powered by standard 9V DC pedalboard power supply-compatible jacks.

“The new pedals represent what I consider the “bass toolbox” that can enhance the experience of any bass player in a live situation”, says Ryan Owens, President of Trickfish. “We love how this first offering has turned out and there’s more to come!”

VCA Compressor: $249, Overdrive Preamp: $229, Signal Filter: $219, and External Preamp: $219.

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Trickfish Introduces New Pedal Line