This downsized version of Marshall’s first amp still spans a sweet range of British and American tones and packs a punch—even in its 5-watt mode.

A well-designed, ruggedly built, and downsized update of the classic JTM45 platform. Suited for contemporary club and studio needs. Five-watt mode sounds excellent. Spans classic Brit and American tones.

Expensive for a 20-watt PCB-based combo.


Marshall JTM Studio ST20C


Marshall ventured ably into smaller and quieter realms with 2018’s Studio Series, which reduced the plexi, JCM, and Jubilee platforms down to a much more manageable 20 watts. The JTM45 is the latest Marshall legend to undergo the shrink treatment—yielding the Studio JTM ST20C, a 20-watt, 1x12 combo that harnesses big-bottle, 5881 output tube power in an amp suited for modestly sized clubs and studios.

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• Learn melodic minor scales
• Create melodic minor chord-voicing strategies
• Develop melodic minor melodic and harmonic vocabulary

{'media': '[rebelmouse-file-pdf 55142 original_filename="MelodicMinorBlues-Aug23.pdf" site_id=20368559 expand=1]', 'media_html': 'MelodicMinorBlues-Aug23.pdf', 'id': 55142, 'type': 'pdf', 'file_original_url': ''}
Looking for some adventurous sounds to use over a minor blues progression? The melodic minor scale is for you. If you have primarily focused on minor pentatonicand minor blues scales, the melodic minor scale and its modes will sound very bright in comparison, supplying you with new sounds to draw on.
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Take a deep look inside this ubiquitous little workhorse, and consider a few easy mods that can make it sound and perform even better.

There are a lot of mods that can be done on a Blues Junior—the affordable, lightweight, and smallest member of Fender’s 12" combo family. These include replacing tone caps, swapping out the transformer, electrolytic cap upgrades, reverb tank mods, and more. Just google “Fender Blues Junior Mods” and prepare to be overwhelmed.

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