brandon seabrook

Brandon Seabrook reaches for a slightly bent, clustery chord on his workhorse Tele. The body came from an early ’90s Heavy Metal Telecaster that was used by a friend's dad as an electronics experiment. Photo by Scott Friedlander

Armed with a beat-up Telecaster and an unrelenting vision, one of jazz’s most unique guitarists creates a challenging new album, Convulsionaries, with a drummer-less trio.

Brandon Seabrook Trio: Convulsionaries by Brandon Seabrook

One of the hallmarks of guitarist Brandon Seabrook’s style is his unflinching willingness to be true to himself. If that means creating a wall of cacophonous noise while searching for a certain note, phrase, or rhythm—so be it. His music can be cavernous and unsettlingly sparse and quiet one moment and violently abrasive, noisy, and barbaric the next. It’s within that juxtaposition that Seabrook created Convulsionaries, a challenging new album with cellist Daniel Levin and bassist Henry Fraser.

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