canada made

Godin''s Montreal Premiere is a cool deviation from established semi-hollow design templates that''s beautifully built and delivers a more playable, comfortable, and unique sounding guitar.

Guitarists in a tone rut tend to look to different pedals or amps, or perhaps switch from single-coils to humbuckers. Those who look to semi-hollows as a means of transformation are fewer in number. On the surface, it’s not hard to understand why. Less experienced players who tinker with hollows and semi-hollows often return with harrowing tales of wailing feedback and opaque, dark, and wooly tones. For others, the very sight of an f-hole suggests uptight, uptown, precious, and a not-very-rock-’n’-roll approach—no matter how many Marshall stacks Alvin Lee ripped to shreds with his ES-335.

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