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First Look: Mythos Pedals The Fates
Mythos Pedals The Fates Chorus Demo | First Look

The spirit of the CE-1 and CE-2 live on in a MN3207 chip -driven chorus and vibrato that moves in rich, rippling waves.

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Bucket-brigade analog chorus with an individual voice and stereo functionality opens doors to classic and irreverent modulation worlds.

Unique voice that straddles classic and weird modulation worlds. Effective stereo capabilities. Toppy voice will stick out more effectively in many mixes.

Lives on the pricier side of the analog chorus affordability line.


Supro Chorus


There are distinct tendencies in Supro's design philosophy. Certainly, they are a style-conscious bunch. Everything in the Supro line looks ace. But you also get the feeling that Supro stuff is designed and built by players—particularly those on the performing and recording side of the equation. And whether a Supro product is absurdly simple, like their 1-knob '64 Super amp, or more option-rich like the Supro Chorus reviewed here, they're equally terrific at facilitating a direct path to a great sound and adventurous routes to unexpected ones.

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