chris robinson

Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes have been playing under that name, on and off, for the past 40 years.

Photo by Ross Halfin

The Southern rockers, led by Rich Robinson on guitar, are back after a 15-year hiatus with their 10th studio album, Happiness Bastards.

Straight from the woozy opening rip of “Bedside Manners,” the breakneck lead track from the Black Crowes’ 10th studio album Happiness Bastards, it’s clear that the Southern rockers from Georgia are in as fine a form as they’ve ever been. There are plenty of examples of bands that have lost their sonic teeth or just traded them in for a softer sound. But despite a 15-year gap between the new record and their last long-player, and plenty of time apart, the band sounds just as vital as they did when their 1990 debut, Shake Your Money Maker, first electrified listeners more than three decades ago.

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Bare Knuckle announces their brand new signature humbucker set, designed in collaboration with Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry.

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