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Medical engineering genius meets luthier Joe Glaser’s guitar-building prowess in possibly the most advanced—and easy-to-use—travel guitar ever.

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The PG editors hit up Carter Vintage Guitars one last time to wrap up the final day of the show by discussing exciting new gear from ValveTrain, Comins Guitars, Chase Bliss, and more!

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The final day of this year's Summer NAMM show was filled with new gear from Korora, 3rd Power, Gillett Guitars, Ciari, and more!

Korora’s new harmonic tremolo was a trip. The Merlo offered three different EQ profiles, three different sine waves, and tap tempo. During the demo we heard everything from subtle and warm to choppy and unsettling. The color control acts somewhat like a tone knob by adding in more harmonic content. Streets for $249.