crow hill

A look at one of Erik Smith''s La Paloma, a natural beauty from Crow Hill Guitars

Crow Hill Guitars are lovingly crafted one at a time by luthier Erik Smith. The wood is hand selected for grain, figure, color and tone, in order to develop a stable and beautiful instrument that sounds great over a range of playing styles, which can be further refined through electronics. No two Crow Hill guitars are alike.

The La Paloma guitar is a semi-hollowbody, made of Nicaraguan cocobolo on top of African wenge, African mahogany, and Nicaraguan cocobola with curly maple veneer accents. The seven-piece through-neck and heel are arduously carved from African wenge, Brazilian macacauba and purpleheart with curly maple and wenge veneer accents and an Indian rosewood fingerboard. The inlays are black Mother-Of-Pearl, white Mother-Of-Pearl, and abalone. The neck and heel are carved asymmetrically to fit the curvature of the hand, and each instrument is shaped by hand to ensure maximum balance and comfort, whether the player is sitting or standing. Controls are intuitive and accessible while playing.