DevilDriver’s current lineup includes, from left to right, new guitarist Neal Tiemann, bassist Diego Ibarra, drummer Austin D’Amond, founder and vocalist Dez Fafara, and longtime guitarist Mike Spreitzer.
Photo by Ben Hoffmann

After 12 years in the groove-metal juggernaut, the guitarist steps up as main composer to craft an album with earthquake riffs, neck-snapping rhythm turns, and panoramic dynamics.

Aside from surfing in Australia a couple of times, guitarist Mike Spreitzer hasn’t had much occasion to relax since recording DevilDriver’s latest polyrhythmic, groove-metal masterstroke, Trust No One. With the exodus of several key band members, Spreitzer’s workload increased exponentially, causing him to focus on the needs of the group during what would have otherwise been a break.

Aside from Spreitzer and founding member Dez Fafara (vocals), DevilDriver has an entirely new lineup. Neal Tiemann has taken over for Jeff Kendrick on guitar, Austin D’Amond has replaced John Boecklin on drums, and Diego “Ashes” Ibarra is in for Chris Towning on bass. Tiemann and D’Amond play on Trust No One. Ibarra joined after it was completed. With 12 years onboard, Spreitzer now ranks as the band’s longest tenured member after Fafara. Spreitzer is currently putting the new recruits through their paces at his home studio in Santa Barbara, California, where the band was born in 2002.

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