fender bandmaster

Leo Fender's study in perfection: a 1957 Stratocaster, leaning on a 1955 Bandmaster. To hear the definitive voice of this model-year Strat, listen to Buddy Guy's debut solo album, 1968's A Man and the Blues.

Although the model debuted in 1954, Leo Fender didn't consider his second guitar design complete until '57. Meet that year's serial number 19129.

The Fender Stratocaster was developed with input from players dissatisfied with Leo Fender's first electric guitar, the Telecaster. Their ideas, which included a more comfortable body shape, an adjustable bridge allowing intonation for each individual string, and a vibrato system, were duly adopted, and Fender introduced the legendary Strat in 1954. But Leo didn't consider his second great design "perfected," according to the company's website, until 1957.

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