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EarthQuaker Devices Time Shadows II Demo | First Look
EarthQuaker Devices Time Shadows II Subharmonic Multi-delay Resonator Pedal Demo | First Look

Two perennial stompbox-building iconoclasts collaborate on a reality-warping delay and filter device.

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Two-Rock Vintage Deluxe Demo | First Look

John Bohlinger tests this single-channel charmer to see if this modern master sounds like yesterday.

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High-end playability distinguishes an entry-level Taylor that shines, for less than 800 bucks.

Crazy playability that matches much more expensive instruments. Excellent fit and finish. Super comfortable.

Midrange can dominate in strumming situations. Expression System 2 electronics highlight midrange emphasis.


Taylor 112ce-S


There’s nothing new about Taylor building great, affordable guitars. Even instruments like the modest GS Mini always feel inviting and capable of inspired musical moments. The build-quality in these Tecate, Mexico-constructed guitars always impresses, too. But taking a spin with the new 112ce-S suggests that Taylor has reached another level of balance to go with their sense of affordable guitar craft.

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