fulltone ocd

Six classic dirt circuits are paired across three pedals with recombinant drive and EQ sections, yielding many unexpected sounds.

The BB and OC circuits both sound excellent in standard mode. Hybrid sounds are intriguing and expansive.

Sometimes requires a fair bit of knob twiddling when moving between drive modes.


Keeley Electronics Blues Disorder


Anyone aware of Robert Keeley’s knack for marrying timeless circuits to contemporary functionality knows the sense of anticipation when he decides to take on another classic. In the case of the pedals reviewed here, however, Keeley didn’t take on a single pedal. Instead, these three stomps from the new 4-in-1 Series each combine two classic circuits and then add the ability to use the clipping and EQ sections from each interchangeably. In many cases, these recombinations lead to untapped potential and unexpected sounds.

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Keeley Blues Disorder, Super Rodent & Angry Orange Demos | First Look
Keeley Angry Orange, Super Rodent, & Blues Disorder Demos | First Look

Three new flexible, combination gain machines offer a slate of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz sounds from rambunctious to raging.

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