hall reverb

Universal Audio 1176 Compressor, Orion Tape Echo, Heavenly Plate Reverb, & Evermore Studio Reverb

Universal Audio distills some of their sweetest sounding simulations and powerful algorithms from their larger UAFX pedals into four compact affordable stompboxes.

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This 4-knob 'verb includes room, hall, and plate functions that run the full spectrum from small and subtle to bouncy reflections that endlessly recycle. Plus, they offer 6 user-assignable presets.

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Image 1: Impulse response reverbs like Audio Ease’s Altiverb excel at cloning real acoustic spaces.

The entire world of ’verb—from traditional to extreme—really does lie at your fingertips. Here’s how to access it.

This article is for recording guitarists eager to make the most of reverb plug-ins. We’ll explore the various reverb types, decode the controls you’re likely to encounter, and conclude with some suggestions for cool and creative reverb effects.

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