house of tone

A humbucker-sized P90 based on a Gibson P94 but with Forbon fibreboard bobbins.

Chester, U.K. (September 17, 2015) -- House Of Tone Pickups proud to announce our latest pickup, the Heavy House P94! This humbucker sized P90 is built based on the earlier Gibson P94's but uses Forbon fibreboard bobbins with an open top cover for a classic look.

The covers are all the highest quality nickel silver available in chrome, nickel, gold or unplated. These pickups are wound with 42 gauge poly or plain enamel copper wire and available in Alnico II, III or V depending on the tone you are looking for. The Alnico II and III gives a warm and very vintage sounding tone with a smooth bass and well defined mids, while the V gives a little more sparkle to the top end and will distort very nicely when pushed, especially on the bridge position. As with all our pickups, the Heavy House is very dynamic and responds to subtle differences in the intensity of the players picking hand. The Heavy House comes wired as a 3 conductor to enable phase reversal. This is the perfect pickup for a wide range of styles from vintage blues and jazz to classic and hard rock. The Heavy House retails at £75 ($115) for a single pickup or £140 ($215) for the set of two and come in our fire branded wooden box with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

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