jeff healey

Photo by Margaret Malandru

The late blues-rock magician with a unique 6-string style continues to make scalding magic via a brand-new album of previously unreleased studio recordings.

Jeff Healey literally roared onto the album charts with his band’s 1988 debut, See the Light, a blues-rock manifesto built around his unique and conflagrant playing. Now Premier Guitar readers get an exclusive opportunity to experience Healey at his peak with this advance album stream of the rediscovered “lost recordings” on Heal My Soul, set for release on March 25—which would’ve been the guitarist’s 50th birthday.

Blinded by cancer shortly after his birth, the Toronto native developed his own approach to guitar, playing a conventional 6-string on his lap by using his left hand to press and bend strings that he sent singing through a stack of Marshall amps.

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