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Bonamassa & Bohlinger Record a Song, Broadway Pedalboard, New Slash & Isbell Guitars
Bonamassa & Bohlinger Record a Song, Broadway Pedalboard, New Slash & Isbell Guitars, Blackstar

PG's video team recollects recent Rig Rundowns with Jedd Hughes, Donny Benét , Knocked Loose, Loathe, Adrian Vandenberg, and Tyler Childers. Then Bohlinger and Kies report back after building the dream pedalboard for downtown Nashville gigs. After that the trio talk about fresh gear drops including Blackstar HT MKIII series amps, PRS DGT 15 David Grissom amp, and the Gibson Custom Jason Isbell “Red Eye” 1959 Les Paul Standard Collector's Edition. Then they share their thoughts on the careers and impact of Duane Eddy and Steve Albini. Finally they cover some new music releases from David Gilmour, Sturgill Simpson, and Slash. Lastly, they end with Bohlinger remembering the time he recorded a song with Joe Bonamassa.

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A man and the blues: Tinsley Ellis performs in concert with his 1969 Martin D-35, which was a gift from his father.

Photo by Kim Reed

On his new album, the blues-guitar badass steps away from the crackling electric performances that have won him an international reputation for a bristling trip through acoustic-roots music.

Acoustic blues is a form of interdimensional travel. And on his new album, Naked Truth, Tinsley Ellis displays his mastery of being everywhere, all at once. I’d say that he has one foot in the red clay of the Delta and the dust of Africa, where the music arose from; another in the present, because breathing life into this style requires committed intention; and another in the future, where his own songs and selection of covers urge the genre. But that would be a weird choice of metaphor, because, like most of us, he only has two feet.

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Photo by Nathan Zucker

Penned by Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa, "Enlighten" explores themes of self-awareness and spiritual awakening and aims to capture the essence of the band's dynamic sound.

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