jol dantzig guitar design

This Martin utilizes edge-equal string spacing, which increases the distance between string centers towards the lower strings.

Looking to improve your relationship with your guitar? Explore the space between the lines.

Why do we bond with certain instruments? Sometimes coming to terms with a guitar can be a protracted courtship, yet we feel that the struggle is worth the wait. Those guitars might have exceptional tone, or look great in the mirror (admit that you look in the mirror), or are used by a guitarist whose sound you admire. Still, it can feel like work.

There are other times you pick up a guitar that is so comfortable to play that you bond with it immediately. It might be a color you don't like or a brand you don't identify with, but this new best friend feels like forever from the first note. It's not a matter of tone or cosmetics, but rather the way it feels. You just play better. So, what makes a guitar a great-playing instrument?

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