margaret glaspy

The indie-rocker tells Cory Wong how the legendary martial artist inspired her gritty new record, and goes deep on the dangerous game of celebrity.

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For her new record Echo The Diamond, Margaret Glaspy worked with bassist Chris Morrissey and drummer Dave King to create an indie-rock record bursting with spontaneity and unrehearsed grit.

Photo by Tim Bugbee

On her brash, rootsy new record, Echo the Diamond, the guitarist/singer embraced wild and wooly risk-taking to create a studio album that feels like a live show.

“It was exciting to say that we could put these three people in a room and play music, and it would be record-worthy,” says guitarist and singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy about the trio of musicians, herself included, that created her latest release, Echo the Diamond, a collection of brash, rootsy indie, rock ’n’ roll, and alt-country sounds. The record’s rhythm section comprises established jazz musicians Chris Morrissey (Ben Kweller, Mark Guiliana, and many others) on bass and Dave King (The Bad Plus) on drums. They added an element of spontaneity to the music and acted as a safety net, allowing Glaspy to take some calculated risks.

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