modulation pedals

Crazy range from a digital phaser that also does chorus, flange, and deep compound modulations.

A deep digital pedal you can fearlessly use live. Intuitive controls. Easy to access flange and chorus sounds.

No presets or tap tempo available without MIDI or external footswitches.


Strymon Zelzah


The Electro-Harmonix Small Stone was my first weird pedal. Initially I gravitated to the Small Stone because it seemed so utterly immodest, but I soon came to treasure its more subdued settings and its ability to communicate a strange, mysterious melancholy.

Strymon’s new Zelzah, with its ultra-flexible controls and combinable 4- and 6-stage phasing modes, can generate many nuanced variations on these extremes and thousands of colors in between. It also generates immersive chorus and flange tones that make this a very powerful little waveform manipulator.

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