monsters of high gain

Diezel Herbert MK3 | Monsters of High Gain (2023)

Our updated "Monsters of High Gain" series features guitar powerhouse Prashant Aswani putting 10 of today's heaviest hitters through their paces on a dynamic, original track. Next up is the Diezel Herbert MK3.The Diezel Herbert is a mighty 180-watt head with three completely independent channels, including separate EQs, for perfectly dialed sounds at any output level.

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Revv Generator 120 MK3 | Monsters of High Gain (2023)

Our final video is here. Check out the Revv Generator 120 Mk3!

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Bogner Amplification Uberschall Ultra MK2 - Monsters of High Gain

Monsters of High Gain is back for 2023! Join us as guitarist Prashant Aswani puts some of the hottest high-gain amps through their paces. Today's video features the Bogner Uberschall Ultra MK2.

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