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Monsters of High Gain

Diezel Herbert MK3 | Monsters of High Gain (2023)

Our updated "Monsters of High Gain" series features guitar powerhouse Prashant Aswani putting 10 of today's heaviest hitters through their paces on a dynamic, original track. Next up is the Diezel Herbert MK3.The Diezel Herbert is a mighty 180-watt head with three completely independent channels, including separate EQs, for perfectly dialed sounds at any output level.

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Don't miss these limited edition models! They're only available through September. Learn about the latest in the Gold Standard from Taylor Guitars.

The quality guitar builder celebrates 50 years of innovation with a compelling new collection of anniversary models.

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Bogner Amplification Uberschall Ultra MK2 - Monsters of High Gain

Monsters of High Gain is back for 2023! Join us as guitarist Prashant Aswani puts some of the hottest high-gain amps through their paces. Today's video features the Bogner Uberschall Ultra MK2.

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