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PRS Archon 50 Combo | Monsters of High Gain [2023]

PRS Archon 50 Combo | Monsters of High Gain 2023

Next up in our Monsters of High Gain reboot is the PRS Archon 50 Combo! Check it out.

PRS Archon 50 50W 1 x 12-inch Tube Combo Amp

Greek for “ruler” or “lord,” the Archon from PRS is a commanding 2-channel amp with versatile overdriven tones and sparkling cleans with plenty of headroom. Designed with five gain stages before the master volume, the Archon’s lead channel is voiced to cover everything from classic rock to metal with full, lush distortion. The clean channel provides rich tones that retain clarity even at high volume, and there is ample headroom, creating an excellent platform for pedals. The Archon has remarkably responsive tone with incredible note separation, whether you're playing on the clean channel or chugging on the lead. Also available as a 50-watt head.