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Driftwood Amps DarkestNightmare | Monsters of High Gain [2023]

Driftwood Amps DarkestNightmare | Monsters of High Gain

Monsters of High Gain is back for 2023! Join us as guitarist Prashant Aswani puts some of the hottest high-gain amps through their paces. Next up is the Driftwood Amps DarkestNightmare.

The DarkestNightmare is a versatile high-gain amp with a built-in T/S overdrive, fine-tune switches, impulse-response loader, and more.


The Driftwood DarkestNightmare is a single-channel high-gain amp which contains the Burn channel from our PurpleNightmare. It features a built-in T/S overdrive circuit, low- and high-gain modes, three fine-tune switches, two master volumes, rumble and sharp controls, plus our well-known Sizzle switch. A key feature is the built-in impulse-response loader, with 20 Slots and 14 pre-loaded impulses made by Lasse Lammert. This amp also includes a noise gate, tube-buffered effects loop, 9V DC outlet, tuner out, and external bias measurement and trim pots. With all these ingredients, it can do different styles of lower gain sounds from ’80s metal all the way to modern high-gain metal with fast attack, present mids, tight bass, and pleasant highs. The DarkestNightmare sits perfectly in the mix—live or in studio!

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