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Fryette Deliverance® 120 Series II Plus | Monsters of High Gain [2023]

Fryette Deliverance One Twenty II Plus | Monsters of High Gain (2023)

The penultimate high gain amp is here! Check out the Fryette Deliverance® 120 Series II Plus!


Fryette Deliverance One Twenty II Plus

The newly enhanced Deliverance preamp section has a richer low gain tonal palette with increased dynamic range, which accounts for its extra touch-sensitivity and excellent guitar volume control response. In addition, devastating high-gain voicings can be dialed up with perfectly balanced timbre via the GAIN I/GAIN II structure by assigning GAIN II to the high-gain "MORE" mode, which adds further overdrive flexibility. In "LESS" mode, GAIN II is now defeated, which greatly expands clean to edge of breakup range to produce truly authentic old school sparkle and power amp bark. Adding a boost or overdrive pedal in this mode produces fearsome jumped-input vintage Non-Master-Volume amp performance with unmatched Master Volume control.

The One Twenty power amp section utilizes four KT88 power tubes for robust low mids and sparkling high end harmonics. It is designed for big round tone and dynamic response at low to medium guitar volumes and a rapid but smooth transition into saturation, turning rich and thick at full guitar volume. This combination of preamp voicing and power amp response makes the Deliverance® amplifier an ideal partner for any instrument, from a vintage Tele to a fully blown 7-string metal axe.