The world’s lightest 50 Watt valve amps, now available in 2x12 combo format, featuring built-in reactive load and a universal power supply.

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Need more headroom or gain? Spin the bottles.

[Originally published: 9/2/2019]
You might guess from the title of this column that I love Fender amps. And you’d be right. From a musical and engineering perspective, I think vintage Fender blackface amps are the best ever made. With bright, American-style speakers, they deliver pure and natural tone. Their channels, with volume and EQ, are intuitive for any guitar, bass, or keyboard player. It’s impossible to not find a decent tone in less than 10 seconds. From a technical perspective, their handmade tube-based circuits are simple, and they were built with high-quality components. And today, there are easily available parts and schematics, and an abundance of other online technical information, which makes it possible for many techs and players—including you—to service these amps.

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Based on the award-winning California Tweed 6V6 4:40, Mesa/Boogie offers the essence of tweed-based performance and 6V6 character in a new, more compact format.

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