Rig Rundown: Steve Vai [2023]

Come on down to the crossroads—or the CMA Theatre in Nashville—as we walk through the jaw-dropping rig of devilishly talented shredder Steve Vai.

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Circuit-savant Steven Fryette continues his Dave Reeves-inspired amp evolution with a phenomenal-sounding 6V6 head and a paint-peeling power amp.

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The second day of the year's biggest gear show was full of tone toys from Orange, Seymour Duncan, Nu-X, Electro-Harmonix, and more.

Orange Amps

Orange Amplifiers TremLord 30 Combo

Orange Amplifiers came to NAMM with a very different tone vibe in their new TremLord 30 combo. Outfitted with a single 12” speaker, it’s driven by a quartet of EL84s (switchable to 15, 5, or 1 watt) and is voiced for a mellower American-amp flavor. In addition to bass and treble controls, it features spring reverb and two footswitchable photo-cell tremolo speeds governed by a single depth control.