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Peavey 6505 II Guitar Amplifier | Monsters of High Gain [2023]

Peavey 6505 II Guitar Amplifier | Monsters of High Gain 2023

Finishing off Monsters of High Gain week #1 is the Peavey 6505 II! Stay tuned next week for more high-gain antics.

Peavey 6505 II 120W 2-channel Tube Head

The Peavey 6505 helped to define the sound of today’s heavy metal and remains a go-to choice for players who demand the very best. Each amp in the 6505 family delivers ultra-high gain that you can sculpt to create your signature tone. Peavey's classic high-gain legacy continues with the 6505 II guitar amplifier.

Like the original, the 6505 II is a two-channel amp, but this newest edition has been updated with separate EQ, resonance, and presence controls for each channel, providing more control and flexibility. The new footswitch controls channel selection, effects loop, and the ability to select the crunch feature. Now, you can instantly obtain that extra gain in the rhythm channel with your foot and never have to take your hand off the guitar. Finally, the clean channel has been completely redesigned to sound much cleaner, with one 12AX7 devoted to just the clean/crunch.