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Bogner Amplification Uberschall Ultra Mk2 | Monsters of High Gain [2023]

Bogner Amplification Uberschall Ultra MK2 - Monsters of High Gain

Monsters of High Gain is back for 2023! Join us as guitarist Prashant Aswani puts some of the hottest high-gain amps through their paces. Today's video features the Bogner Uberschall Ultra MK2.

Bogner Uberschall Mk2 100-watt Tube Head - 6L6 Version

The Uberschall Ultra Mk2 represents the pinnacle of Bogner’s world-renowned ultra-high-gain performance. Now more contemporary than ever, the Uberschall Ultra is built for ultra-tight bottom-end and percussive attack—perfect for modern 7- and 8-string guitars and bone-crushing djent riffs.

The Uber-Ultra takes your tone from the most brutal high-gain aggression to classic clean and crunch and is available as a 100W EL34 or a high plate voltage 150W KT88 version.