combo amps

This Fender Bandmaster piggyback head and cab, circa 1961, is a match made in heaven. But could another cab configuration work even better?

Photo courtesy of Fender.

Wondering how to get the most out of your Fender amp? Our columnist shares his top amp-and-cab combinations to boost your tone and volume for any situation.

Let's talk about speaker cabinets. If you have read my previous columns or been to my website, you’ll know how much I value knowledge about speakers. Speakers affect the tone and volume vastly in guitar amps, and an extension cabinet is a smart and cheap way to get your tone right at practice, live gigs, or in the studio. In this column I will share my favorite amp and speaker cabinet pairings. As usual, I will refer to the classic black- and silver-panel Fender amps, which many of us enjoy.

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