The guitar features TV Jones Classic Filter'Tron Pickups and a Bigsby B7 tremolo.

Salem, OR (February 17, 2017) -- Oregon’s aluminum guitar manufacturer, Normandy Guitars, has just released the crown jewel of their guitar line, The new SuperHawk Archtop. This aluminum ‘bird’ follows Normandy’s M.O. of building some of the coolest archtops you’ve ever seen made from recycled tin cans. But this one aims to take a bite out of that historically difficult to enter rockabilly genre that’s more often than not represented by a Gretsch in one way or another.

The SuperHawk has made some obvious changes that you’d expect from a “Billy” guitar including, TV Jones Classic Filter'Tron Pickups, a Bigsby B7 tremolo, Trem handle switched out with a Chet Atkins-style bar, vintage-style pickguard and the finish on the neck with it’s cue ball white and dusty gray/blue on the back is reminiscent of vintage 1950s models. Add it all up and the total vibe of the SuperHawk is getting the attention of some of the world’s better known “Billy” guitarists.

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Offering exceptional sonic and visual quality, Normandy’s Alumicaster bass is a great combination of vintage and contemporary.

Aluminum has made quite a return to the guitar arena as of late. While the material did see some use in the ’70s for improving strength and sustain—most notably by Kramer—it never really caught on in the way that using different combinations of wood did. Despite not being embraced by the masses early on, guitars that employed aluminum garnered a cult following of enthusiasts, one of them being Jim Normandy. Normandy would eventually start working with the material, and in 2007, he released the world’s first aluminum archtop guitar, which he builds in Salem, Oregon. To complement his T-style Alumicaster and archtop lines, Normandy recently debuted the Alumicaster bass. This aluminum-bodied 4-string is quite the looker, as well as a fantastic instrument for holding down the low end.

The Aeroplane Flies High
The Alumicaster’s build is an interesting blend of unorthodox and conventional. With a body shape that gives an obvious nod to the Fender P, the Alumicaster’s hard-rock maple neck and P-bass-style Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound pickups hint at its influence even more. Normandy doesn’t skimp on quality hardware either, as the Alumicaster comes standard with a heavy-duty bridge (the optional Gotoh bridge was installed on our review bass), Hipshot Ultralite tuners, a Normandy aluminum nut, and CTS pots for the volume and tone controls.

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