notone amplification

A new line of tube amps that hit both British and American voicings.

Orlando, FL (May 15, 2018) -- Notone Amplification, LLC is unveiling a brand-new line of American-made boutique guitar amplifiers, the SE50 series of amps. These are 50-watt, parallel, single-ended amplifiers that offer an American voicing in the SE50 and British voicing in the SE50B. Both voicings are available in a head as the SE50H and SE50BH, as well as a SE50KH. The SE50 features KT88 power tubes, the SE50B uses EL34, and the SE50KH uses KT66 for that familiar “kerrangy” plexi overdrive tone. The SE50 is perfect for jazz, blues and country with higher headroom and a looser feel. The SE50B has all the British rock tone you need. Early break-up, roaring overdrive, and prominent midrange ensure you will cut through any mix.

SE50 series highlights include:

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