A new line of tube amps that hit both British and American voicings.

Orlando, FL (May 15, 2018) -- Notone Amplification, LLC is unveiling a brand-new line of American-made boutique guitar amplifiers, the SE50 series of amps. These are 50-watt, parallel, single-ended amplifiers that offer an American voicing in the SE50 and British voicing in the SE50B. Both voicings are available in a head as the SE50H and SE50BH, as well as a SE50KH. The SE50 features KT88 power tubes, the SE50B uses EL34, and the SE50KH uses KT66 for that familiar “kerrangy” plexi overdrive tone. The SE50 is perfect for jazz, blues and country with higher headroom and a looser feel. The SE50B has all the British rock tone you need. Early break-up, roaring overdrive, and prominent midrange ensure you will cut through any mix.

SE50 series highlights include:

  • Even order harmonics that only single ended operation provides
  • 50-watt max output, hand wired construction featuring F&T and Sozo Caps
  • Custom wound Mercury Magnetics transformers ensure max power delivery
  • 112, 212 and extension cabinets feature Ted Weber 75W Gray Wolf, 65W Legacy 12, and 75-watt C1230 speakers
  • All-tube electronics:  2 x KT88, EL34, or KT66, 1 x 12AX7
  • Gain, Tone, Master, Lead, Fat, Resonance, and Presence controls, depending on configuration
  • Void-free Baltic birch cabinet
  • Simple tone stack keeps the tone pure and makes achieving your signature tone super easy

All Notone Amps are designed and built in the company’s Orlando home.  Street price is $2199.99 for the SE50-212, $2399.00 for the SE50B-212, and all heads are $1799.00. Jason McDaniel founded Notone Amplification, LLC in 2016, after being retired disabled from the United States Army. His desire was to offer everyone professional grade amps that were built with old school methods like point to point and hand wired. Made in America with 95% American made parts.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Notone Amplification

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