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10 Digital Delays That Are Worth Your Time

10 Digital Delays That Are Worth Your Time

Analog gear can be finicky, and a bit unpredictable. When digital delays first came onto the scene, guitarists were attracted to the precise timing, pristine sound, and how they can cut through a band or mix. Below, we’ve rounded up 10 different digital delay options that go from straight-ahead echo boxes to all-encompassing workstations that cover nearly every delay sound imaginable.

Boss DD-3T Digital Delay

The updated version of the classic delay offers up to 800 ms of delay time, a short looping feature, tap tempo, and dual outputs for your wet and dry signals.

$154 street

JHS Series 3 Delay

At only $99, this bare-bones setup offers not only the standard trio of controls, but a toggle switch that lets you choose between pristine digital tones and darker analog sounds.

$99 street

Walrus Fundamental Series Delay

Armed with a trio of hip-looking sliders, this budget-friendly stomp not only gives you three different flavors of delay, but also has tap tempo and tap divisions.

$129 street

Meris LVX Modular Delay

Centered around an advanced ARM processor, this deeply tweakable inspiration box offers a wealth of features, including looping, MIDI, presets, configurable delay structures, and much more.

$599 street

Empress Echosystem

With over 40 different algorithms, including reverb, filter, and reverse options, this is a fully featured delay system. It also has stereo ins and outs and the ability to run two delays at once.

$494 street

Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo

Andy Timmons’ namesake delay offers a world of ethereal possibilities by offering up true stereo outputs, presets, Andy’s signature settings, and independent footswitches.

$299 street

Strymon Dig V2

An updated iteration of the pinkest delay on the market includes full MIDI control, an analog JFET input circuit, and a powerful tone knob so you can shape the exact sound of the repeats.

$379 street

Wampler Metaverse

Pedal guru Brian Wampler packed 11 of his favorite types of delays into a single unit. It not only hits the mark on a pile of digital-flavored delays; it also comes with a free plugin version of them, too.

$299 street

Red Panda Raster 2

Far more than a simple digital delay, this stomp throws a pitch and frequency shifter into the mix. It covers micro-pitch-style chorus effects, arpeggiator sounds, and much more.

$329 street

Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo Digital Delay

Designed to straddle the line between digital and analog, this echo machine offers controls for blend, feedback, and time. An easy way to get crisp digital-delay sounds for not much dough.

$136 street