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The second day was packed full of new tone toys from Wampler, Godin, Nutter, Line 6, Taylor, Martin, and more!

Modulation was the name of the game at Wampler Pedals' booth. The Terraform sports 11 different effects including auto-wah, envelope filter, rotary, chorus, auto swell, harmonic tremolo and more. You can store 8 presets and it has stereo I/Os. Pretty impressive for less than $300. Probably out in October.

Cheap-chic retro meets modern playability.



Cool and versatile tones. Ambitious electronics. Gloriously lurid looks.

Inadequate factory setup.


Nutter Astro Captain




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The futuristic model features a unique switching system, Rocket Booster 5 humbuckers, and a 25.5" scale.

Nashville, TN (July 25, 2018) -- Houston, the Astro has landed! Designed and hand-built by guitarist Brian Nutter, Astro’s retro-futuristic design still feels right at home with more traditional designs. Astro unique wiring allows for multiple configurations of the pickups. You become the tone master living in a tweaker’s paradise, no matter the venue. If the multi-function doesn’t make you the musical Buck Rogers, then the familiar feel and vintage ultra-modern form will.

Fully handmade in Nashville, TN, Astro employs traditional materials such as an Alder body, maple bolt-on neck, Bolivian Rosewood fretboard, a familiar 25.5” scale, and 22 jumbo frets to prove a truly unique instrument can be created outside the typical vintage norm:

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