A new addition to the Legends of Fuzz series puts the boss back in Boss Tone.

A ’60s-style fuzz that excels at punky chords. Distinctive but classically buzzy voice. Cool metallic compression. Attractive enclosure. High-quality build.

Lacks some of the seat-of-the-pants chaotic side that makes many mid-’60s fuzzes a gas.


JHS Plugin


Though it sounded mean and magnificent, the original Jordan Boss Tone enjoys little of the mystique that distinguishes its more famous ’60s fuzz contemporaries. Its awkward, ill-conceived enclosure—a small box that you plugged directly into a guitar—ensured that players looked to more practical alternatives. Had it come in a pedal as handsome and sturdy as JHS’s homage to the Boss Tone, the Plugin, fuzz history might have been very different.

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