practicing guitar

You can stare at the Mona Lisa and just feel its power, or you can wonder why she doesn’t have eyebrows and miss the experience.

If you’re constantly getting lost in the details, you might miss out on the enjoyment of things.

Life is like an Impressionist painting: You look too close and it’s just confusing, blurry blobs of paint, all textured and ugly. Stand back and all those unsettling, seemingly random clumps become Monet’s Water Lilies. That’s why I’m a big picture guy … or at least I try to be.

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Stuck in a rut? Wu-Tang may be the answer.

By learning new songs, maintaining your gear, and watching Wu-Tang, you can become a better, more well-rounded musician.

One of the best parts of being a musician is being around other musicians, but that can also be the worst thing about it. If you want proof, consider the glut of musician jokes. My favorite is about how to get a bandmate to the gig on time, which involves lying about the time of the gig. I’m not always punctual, so it’s no surprise that by the time you read this, the window for New Year’s resolutions may be closed. So, in the spirit of being behind the band by an entire measure, here are my resolution picks for you to add to the existing pile.

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