Take your tone for a dip in the sonic deep end with our list of chorus stomps that range from simple analog offerings to heavy-hitting digital units.

From the Pretenders to the Cure to Nirvana, chorus pedals are a classic modulation device. Here are 10 pedals that will convince you that space is the place!

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Here’s a look at portable PA systems that’ll handle any throw-and-go gig you might have.

Never underestimate the power of portability—especially when you need to provide the PA. This roundup includes 8 options that aim to balance power, portability, and features along with all the inputs and outputs you might need for a quick-hit gig.

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Streamline your stage or studio rig and increase your tone options at the same time with one of these speaker-simulation pedals.

For any player who is less than enamoured with the idea of repeatedly hauling a heavy cab to a gig or studio session, and the effort involved with cabling and mic placement, the addition of a cab sim pedal to your 'board could be a gamechanger. We've rounded up a sampling of 10 options to help you minimize your footprint while maximizing your efficiency and tone.
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