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Aksel McDermott wields the Akselerator on a gig. It goes up to 11!

A lucky 7-year-old builds the guitar of his dreams with his father during the pandemic … with knobs that go to 11!

Name: Scott and Aksel McDermott
Location: New York, New York
Guitar: The Akselerator

Back when things were locked down for Covid in 2020, my then 7-year-old son Aksel found an old Epiphone SG in the back of a closet that I’d bought 25 years ago but never learned to play. He took to it immediately. A weekly lesson soon started at the Williamsburg School of Music when things opened up a little and he was hooked. However, after sitting for so long, the SG needed to go in for a tune-up eventually. With nothing to play for a few days, we started talking about building a simple string between two nails on a board stretched over a Coke bottle contraption, as a fun little project. But it’s only rock ’n’ roll if it’s electric. Suddenly we were researching pickup-wiring schemes and the difference between a single-coil and a humbucker, etc. It quickly became clear: Why don’t we just build a real guitar?

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With a little help from his friends, a West Virginia musician builds a blue-and-gold 6-string replica of his home state.

Name: Don Staats
Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia
Guitar: The Mountaineer

I manage a group of radio stations and have been in broadcasting for 49 years. I've been a weekend musician since I was 16, performing in a trio called Henrie Lane, and an oldies band called Insured Sound that has been a continuous band for 45 years. I read Premier Guitar cover to cover every month and have for
years—I don't miss an issue.

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An amateur builder-in-the-making headed online to source parts and, with the help of YouTube and guitar forums, taught himself how to build a Thinline-inspired beauty.

Name: Vinny Eadicicco
Location: Staten Island, New York
Guitar: Leslie 56

I'm a newbie amateur at building guitars. After trying out a friend's Thinline one day, I was hooked. I've always liked the looks and design of a Fender Thinline: the f-hole cutouts, the contours, semi-hollowbody, etc. So, I ventured online to search some DIY videos on how to build a guitar, and there were quite a lot on YouTube.

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