reader guitar of the month

Name: Marc Kuffler

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Guitar: The Marcel Paul

Marcel (left) and Marc (right).

The building of this reader’s homemade Les Paul-style solidbody came with some experimentation snafus, but ended in success—and a fitting homage to his beloved pooch.

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Name: Mel WaldorfHometown: Palm Springs, California
Guitar: Alameda Clam Shack

This month’s guitar comes equipped with its own Gretsch-inspired custom pickups, sure to deliver surfy sounds.

My name is Mel Waldorf, and I’ve been a guitar player since the mid 1980s. I’ve been tinkering with guitars for most of that time, because, hey, is it more important to play the guitar or to futz with them? I suspect the answer is playing guitar, as your magazine is Premier Guitar, not Premier Futz-with-Guitar.

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Photo 1

Originally salvaged from a clearance sale in Hong Kong in ’96, this ’50s foto flame Tele has gone through a series of mods over the past few decades.

Name: Steve Kellett
Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Guitar: Made-in-Japsn Japan Telecaster

Here’s the tale of my Fender Made-in-Japan Telecaster: I bought this guitar in 1996 in Hong Kong from the Tom Lee Music Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale. I didn’t hear about the sale until the last day, so by the time I rocked up to the rented factory unit in the depths of Mong Kok, where they were holding the sale, there were only two guitars left: a wrecked, cheap acoustic and a made-in-Japan export model foto flame ’50s Telecaster.

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